Katherine Delmar Burke School Loyalty Society

Members of the Katherine Delmar Burke School Loyalty Society have made Burke’s a giving priority for the past nine consecutive years. Loyalty Society members are the foundation of the Annual Fund and their longtime support is honored and deeply appreciated. Their consistent giving allows Burke’s to maintain its high standard of excellence and ensures that every student will receive the tools necessary to thrive. Burke’s is sincerely grateful for their loyalty and commitment to the school and its mission.

Membership in the Loyalty Society is renewed annually through a gift to Burke's, and members receive invitations to select events over the course of the year, including the International Women’s Day student assembly with a special guest speaker and the luncheon following. Loyalty Society members also receive a commemorative pin upon joining and are encouraged to wear it as a show of their longstanding support.

Giving Levels

  • Visionaries Circle - $50,000 and above
  • Founders Circle - $25,000 - $49,999
  • Second Century Society - $15,000 to $24,999
  • Legacy Leaders - $10,000 to $14,999
  • Century Circle - $5,000 to $9,999
  • Patrons Circle - $4,000 to $4,999
  • Green and Gold Scholars - $1,000 to $3,999
  • Burke’s Boosters - up to to $999


Questions about the Loyalty Society? Contact Diana Kaw, Associate Director of Advancement, at diana@kdbs.org or 415.751.0187, ext. 231.

2017-18 Loyalty Society Members

Anonymous (6)
Alka and Ravin Agrawal
Laura and George Akel
Sally and George Akel
Beth H. Anderson ’56
Meeta and Timothy Arcuri
Graciela and Roger Arevalo
Joelle Auberson
Stacey and Sean Baenen
Leith and Stewart Barry
Judith Mahnke and Marc Baum
Nancy ’55 and Joachim Bechtle
Elizabeth Pynchon Beckett ’69
Wendy Beckman
Alyssa and Mark Berwick
Jamie Bigelow
Mary Lynn and Jason Blattberg
Maria Ansari and Michael Borgani
Didi ’52 and Dix Boring
Nancy ’58 and Norman Bouton
Thesia and Ambi Bowo
The Brettkelly Family
Nayo Brooks-Santos
Ashling Bryant
Irma and William Bush
Genie Callan ’46
Barbara and Bruce Callander
Lynn and Peter Callander
Matthew and Mary Cappiello
Carol ’57 and Lyman H. Casey
Jeanie ’62 and Michael Casey
Paola and Charles Casey
Dynelle Chan
Jana Clark and David Angel
Katharine Ashley Cobb ’64
Elizabeth Coleman
Sis Campion Connolly ’61
Louisa ’78e and George Consagra
Jess ’45 and Crawford Cooley
Courtney Cooper ’99
Jon Cosby
Beverly Coughlin ’75e
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cronholm
Evie and Matt Davis
Lauren Davis ’00
Viola Lee and Richard Lee Davis
The Deemer Family
Samantha Bley DeJean ’85 and 
Bradley DeJean
Cathryn Berl Deutsch ’69
Francie and Patrick Devlin
Ann B. Dey
Patricia Dinner ’66
Sarah and Brooks Doggett
Anne B. Donahoe
Dawn Decker and Chris Dowd
Angelique Downes
The Doyle Family
Jeanette ’54 and Peter Dunckel
Mary Jane Dunphy ’66
Nel and Charles Ellwein
Marianne Emblad ’79
Alicia Engstrom ’89 and 
Hosain Rahman
Jacqueline and Christian Erdman
Ellen and Bryan Everitt
Deann Wright and Luke Evnin
Susan and Leland Faust
Susan Fesus ’60
Doris Fisher ’49
Jennifer Caldwell and John H.N. Fisher
Victoria ’60 and David Fleishhacker
Jacqueline and Arthur Fletcher
Karin Flood ’82
Barbara and Peter Folger
Kimberly Fullerton ’77e and 
Stephen Johnson
Cecilia Furlong ’04
Kirsten and Sean Gaddis
Heather and Alessandro Gatti
Susan and Rob Glen
Dana H. Goldberg ’90
Lisa, Todd, and Emma Gray
Sallie G. Griffith ’55
Yan Gu
Jana Kopecna and Patrick Gunn
Cristina and Scott Gutterman
Peggy Haas ’72
Alicia and Philip Hammarskjold
Barbara Handler
Valerie Hansel
Gretchen and Lee Hansen
Louise Escher Harris ’59
Samantha Hartley-Hewitt ’82
Lisa ’84 and Chris Hauswirth
Susan and Doug Hendrickson
Yara Herman
Lisa and John Hockin
The Honey Family
Jenny Howland
Morgan Cosby Howson ’96
Jane Husain and Masud Husain
Ann Edmiston Johnson ’58
Juliet and John Kelley
Mary ’50 and Thomas Kelley
Terry ’73 and Robert Keyes
Philip King and Sue Baelen
Gabrielle N. Kivitz ’89
Alicia and Kipp Kjeldgaard
Margot Garey and Michael Laurence
Ann Blumlein Lazarus ’67
Suzanne and Edward Lee
Lisa and Chris Lenzo
Sabrina Leong
Mia and Michael Levy
Monique An and Kenneth Lew
Marion Orrick Livermore ’69
Ruth and David Locala
Melanie and Brendan MacMillan
Diane Major
Elaine You and Danny Mak
Marlene Paganini and 
Terrance Marseille
Tracy Leeds and Evan Marwell
Leigh and Bill Matthes
Julie and Alain Mayer
Leslie Mayer ’78
Kristen and Mike McCarthy
Nini McCone ’51
Elizabeth McDonald
Valerie and Michael McDonough
Susan McGuire
Margaret McPherson McNab ’75
Susan Stimmel Metcalf Robertson ’43
Crystal Miks
Nancy and Larry Mohr
Guthrie Morgan
Gale Mosheim
Martina and Tom Murphy
Shinobu Hosaka and Michael Namba
The Neplokh Family
Julie and Richard Newbold
Kathleen Nielsen
Erin Nieuwenhuijs
Danice and Will Noble
Anne and Standish O’Grady
Maria and Carlos Oliva
Emily Otero and Chris Nussbaum
The Otridge Family
Anita Painitz
Leslie and Rick Polhemus
Lynn and Edward Poole
Helen Prather
Susan K. Prather ’78
Karen de Bakker Prezant ’66
Anjali Ramisetti
Mary and MacGregor Read
Mary and Steven Read
Fiona Donald and Colin Reed
Pamela Rickard
Cathleen and Thomas Rigatti
Brooke and John Roberts
Corinne Rocca ’89
Monique Rocca ’88
Jennifer Beauné Roe and Mark Roe
Caroline Cronholm Rose ’92 and 
Michael Rose 
Anthony Sabedra
Lauren and Paul Sacks
Alicia and Robert Sakai
Laura Brugger and Ross Sappenfeld
Paul Saraceni
Heidi Philbrick Schell ’77e
Amy Schoew
Juliet Whitcomb and Elliot Schrage
Bambi Schwartz ’56
Mariana Smith ’77e
Kerryn and Joel Schwarz
Erin Keller and Marlon Scott
Renu and Arun Sharma
Judith Hilbrich Sheppard and
Douglas Sheppard
Kirsten and Christopher Shilakes
Lara Witter and Curt Sigfstead
Cherie Gillette Sigward ’78
Eve and Sherwood Smith
Lisa Spengler
Connie and Richard Stacey
Monica Morse and John Stacey
Shanna McBurney and 
David Stanton
Leni Velasquez and Rob Steele
The Steiners
Patricia Melnikoff and Harry Stern
Christine and Peter Stovell
Wendy and James Stovell
Olive and Greg Thaler
Deborah Thomson
Amanda H. Tomei-Stewart ’92
Elizabeth Y. Tomei ’97
Pat and Joel Tomei
Cathy Tritschler-Hall
Darcy and Brian Tsung
Jacqueline Little and Henry Turmon
The Urtula Family
Kate and Denny Van Ness
Victor Vargas
Claudia Vlasak
Courtney and Chip Wadsworth
Marilyn Straub Walz ’53
Anne M. Wara ’84
Diana Morris Wild ’66
Marjorie Pease Wilson ’63
Rebekah Wolman
Theresa and Richard Won
Julia Wong ’83 and Roger Kuo
May Wong and Jason McKinney
Galina Fridkina Yankulin
Anna Yatroussis ’84 and 
Daniel Carwin 
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