Environmental Sustainability

Ways to Be Green

Please join us in supporting sustainability at Burke's by adopting some simple and easy practices both at school and at home: 

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  • Carpool

    Carpools are a great way to get to know other families within our school community and decrease the number of cars driving to and from school. At the beginning of the school year, each family at Burke's receives a customized email with a list and map of the ten closest Burke's families. To see the families that live closest to your home or work, visit the family directory and select the map view.
  • Waste-Free Campus Events

    Throughout the year, parent volunteers help organize lunches, parties, and events in the classrooms and for campus guests.   Each of these events give us an opportunity to think about how to reduce the waste being generated and host parties and events that create little or no waste.  
    Planning Ahead Room parents or lead volunteers for events are responsible for submitting event planning forms two weeks in advance of the event. This process allows volunteers to communicate to both the kitchen and facilities their event needs and ensures that resources can be made available to make each event a success. Please complete an event form and email it directly to Cathy Tritschler-Hall. Please include Sahara O’Hanlon, our primary Acre contact, for all events that require kitchen resources.

    Plates, Bowls, Cups and Utensils The Acre kitchen can provide reusable plates, bowls, cups, and utensils for function needs. On the day of the event, kitchen staff will have these items placed in bus tubs and ready to be picked up by parent volunteers. After the event, parent volunteers should return these items to the kitchen to be washed. Please separate bowls and glasses from plates and stack all plates. Please note that if your event is taking place in the evening after normal kitchen hours you will have to make special arrangements with Acre staff. There may be a staffing cost if a kitchen supervisor is required stay later than usual.

    Napkins Compostable paper napkins are available for events. Please be sure that used napkins are composted not land filled.

    Table Linens and Decorations The school maintains a supply of reusable table linens that can be used for events. Requests for table linens should be included on the event planning form. If table decorations are being purchased, please choose reusable or compostable items.

    Responsible Clean-Up and Waste Disposal Please ensure that there is compost, recycling and garbage containers available as needed for clean-up. Please help participants and volunteers properly sort their waste. Dirty table linens should be returned to facilities staff for laundering and reuse.

    Every event and class party is unique. Some involve student art projects that children bring home. Some bring the class together for a joint cooking project.  As a school community, we count on all our volunteers to take a moment to consider the waste that will be generated and think creatively about how to reduce our waste and our impact on the environment. 
  • Buy Used Uniforms

    We are proud to offer used uniform clothing at a reasonable price to the Burke's community. Our main goals are to ease the financial burden for parents and to promote a sensible ethic of reuse and recycling at Burke's. All proceeds from our sales benefit the Parents' Association, which in turn supports student financial assistance and faculty and staff professional development.

    When And Where Can I Buy Used Items?

    Used items can be purchased at the Used Uniform Sale held every fall just before school starts and at the Kindergarten Sip 'n' Slide event in the spring.
    During the school year, we operate on a self-service, honor system basis.  Items are readily available during school hours in the "Back Closet," a storage area behind the lunchroom stage. One can access the "Back Closet" by climbing onto the stage, then entering the door on the right-hand side of the rear wall. Parents may help themselves to what they need from the Used Uniform bins and pay for them following the instructions below. We do ask that you please try to leave the bins and racks as you found them, to keep the room tidy and organized.

    Also, this space is shared by new Burke's Items. Please do NOT take any items from Burke's Items; these need to be purchased through their representatives.

    How Do I Pay For Used Uniforms?

    Our price list can be found below and is also posted in the Back Closet.  Please calculate what you owe and leave your payment at the front Office/Reception in the Used Uniform Folder inside the lateral files behind Ms. Yatroussis' desk.

    Checks should be made out to Burke's Parents' Association. Cash is fine as well.

    How Do I Donate Uniforms?

    Uniform donations may be left at any time in the Back Closet, in the plastic bin marked "Donations."

    Please only donate items that you would be happy to have your child wear to school.


    Feel free to contact the Used Uniform Co-Chairs with any questions:
    Monique Phillips-Pflager '92
    Sunny Chanel

    Prices 2012/2013

    Lower School
    Upper School
    Both Schools
    Hooded Sweatshirts$5
    Sweatshirts (blue or white)$4
    Sweatshirts (green)Free
    Fleece Jacket$8
  • Bus to Burke's

    Our Mission:

    • Foster a greater sense of independence in our girls while teaching them that making environmentally responsible choices can be fun, can help the world around us and can strengthen our community.
    • Minimize the flow of private vehicles through the California Street cul-de-sac, thereby minimizing unhealthy exhaust fumes, traffic congestion, and safety hazards that can accompany busy morning drop-offs and pick-ups.
    • Promote awareness of the benefits of mass transportation.

    How it Works:

    • Every Thursday morning that school is in session, students can ride the bus to Burke's on the 1-California bus line.
    • A parent volunteer will accompany the Lower School girls who take advantage of the program. Lower School girls are invited to hop on the bus at the Spruce Street bus stop or at any bus stop between there and the school (see detailed 1-California bus schedule below). Lower School parents don't need to ride the bus with the girls. When the bus comes, simply verify that a Burke's parent volunteer is on the bus.
    • Upper School girls are encouraged to catch the 1-California bus which leaves from the Presidio Ave. stop (in front of the JCC) at 7:40 a.m. (or they may catch that bus at any of the subsequent stops, per the schedule below). This should get them to campus shortly before 8 a.m.
    • Burke's parents who live further out find it convenient to drop their girls off on the 1 California route at one of the stops below so their girls can ride with other students.
    • Upper School girls can take the bus home! Some parents have their girls text them when they board the bus. Then, if they wish, their parents can use the live map feature on nextbus.org and monitor the bus as it makes it way down California Street to the stop nearest their house. Buses leave Burke's at approximately 3:39 and 3:46 p.m. every day.
    We hope you will join us to make the Bus to Burke's program a great success for our girls! To volunteer for Bus to Burke's, just fill out this easy online Bus to Burke's Sign-up Form.

    "This morning, I rode the bus to Burke’s as a parent volunteer. Making sure to jump onto the # 1 California bus marked '33rd Ave' on the display, I helped the girls feed their money, or use their ClipperCard, and be seated before the bus left the stop.  As we made our way down California Street, more Burke’s girls joined us, entering the bus with an air of 'I can do this' independence. 'It’s like a huge carpool with no seatbelts!,' one Lower Schooler exclaimed. When we arrived at school, a vision straight out of Madeline appeared as 12 Lower Schoolers debarked the bus and raced to line up for fist bumps with the Head of School. Bidding farewell, I turned to start my 'power walk' home down Lake Street. The world around me seemed in such a hurry. I, for once, was not. Indeed, I was seeing my morning commute in a whole new light." - parent volunteer

    Bus Schedule

    Bus StopUpper School ScheduleLower School Schedule
    California St. and Presidio Ave.  
    California St. and Laurel St.  
    California St. and Spruce St.7:46 a.m.7:53 a.m. 
    Parent Volunteer Onboard
    California St. and Maple St.  
    California St. and Cherry St.  
    California St. and Arguello Blvd.  
    California St. and 4th Ave.  
    California St. and 6th Ave.7:52 a.m.7:55 a.m.
    California St. and 8th Ave.  
    California St. and 10th Ave.  
    California St. and 12th Ave.  
    California St. and Park Presidio  
    California St. and 16th Ave.  
    California St. and 19th Ave.  
    California St. and 22nd Ave.  
    California St. and 25th Ave.  
    California St. and 28th Ave.  
    California St. and 30th Ave.  
    California Street and 32nd Ave7:55 a.m.8 a.m.


    Youth fare: $.75.
    Adult fare: $2.25. (Note: no change given.)
    Monthly youth pass: $21
    Monthly Adult pass: $62

    ClipperCard passes can be purchased online. To apply for a Clipper Youth Card, you need to present the application in person at the MUNI customer service center (11 S. Van Ness Avenue). Check out SFMuni.org for additional information.

    General Bus Information:

    While there can be variability with this schedule, the morning buses are pretty regular and within 1-3 minutes. Also, for Upper School, if your daughter misses this bus, there is another that follows 7 minutes later that will also get her to school on time. Please note, if your daughter happens to miss this bus, you can check nextbus.org for GPS-based next bus arrival time at your neighborhood stop.

  • Properly Sort Your Trash

    Confused about what goes in what trash bins at school, in the lunchroon or at home? Watch our quick video demonstration by Lower School Science teacher, Elizabeth McDonald, to learn just how to sort your trash.
    Ever wonder how long it takes for things to decompose in our landfills? Check out some of these crazy but true landfill facts:
    • Banana - 3 to 4 weeks
    • Paper Bag - 1 month
    • Cotton Rag - 5 months
    • Wool Sock - 1 year
    • Cigarette Butt - 2 to 5 years
    • Leather Boot - 40 to 50 years
    • Rubber Sole (of a boot) - 50 to 80 years
    • Tin Can (soup or vegetable can) - 80 to 100 years
    • Aluminum Can (soda pop can) - 200 to 500 years
    • Diaper - 500 years
    • Plastic 6-Pack Rings - 450 years
    • Plastic Jug - 1 million years
    • Styrofoam Cup - unknown? never?
    • Glass Bottle - Unknown? never?
Want to do more? Participate in the school group that supports sustainability at Burke's:

The Parents' Association Green Committee works collaboratively with the board sustainability committee to help minimize the impact of school events and activities on our environment, support green initiatives and serve as a resource for our families. 

For more information, please check out our Green Resources.
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