Introducing Our New Alumnae Reunion Weekend!

This year, we are expanding the annual Alumnae Luncheon into a weekend of activities! Look below for more information about our two days of events on Friday, June 1, and Saturday, June 2!

How to RSVP

1. Click here to RSVP online.

2. Email Diana Kaw at

3. Call Diana Kaw at 415.751.0187, ext. 231.
Overnight guest rooms are reserved at the Metropolitan Club for the weekend of the Luncheon. Please call Alex at the Club for details at 415.673.0600. 

Teachers Attending Luncheon

Michele Williams, Head of School
Joelle Auberson
John Cervantes
Judi Dittmer
Susan Faust
David Fleishhacker
Graciela Pera
Deborah Samake
Linda Schwarz
Deborah Thomson
Laurel Trent
Toni Wagner
Helen Wiley
partial list

Luncheon Committee

Jean Charles Gansa ’48
Patricia Campbell Callender ’53
Jane Fortune Hickerson ’53
Lois Arnstein Roth ’53
Lynn Arias Bornstein ’58
Nan Delagnes Bouton ’58
Ann Edmiston Johnson ’58
Carolyn Dinner Zecca Ferris ’63
Ginny Dolan Hall ’63
Peggy Heatley Kappler ’63
Liz Moffitt ’68
Marky Lynn Quayle ’68
BJ Rolph ’68
Terry Mailliard Keyes ’73
Nano Visser-Klein ’78
Louisa Moore Consagra ’78e
Laura Funsten Cornish ’78e
Jessica Parish Galloway ’78e
Robin Hauser ’78e
Carolyn Mannon Kryger ’83
Jenny Sampson ’83
Heidi Houtkooper Temkin ’83
Julia Wong ’83
Aimee Fowler Carlson ’85
Betina Suessmann Baumgarten ’88
June Kitagawa Sakamoto ’88
Rachel Skiffer ’88
Cary Cronholm Rose ’92
Morgan Allen Dewey ’93
Megan Myers ’93
Charlotte Richardson Snyder ’93
Natalie Fuchs ’98
Darby Gaynor Glickman ’98
Natalie Jamison ’98
Caroline Qvale Marshall ’03
Katherine Abbey Prill ’03
Alyson Wong ’08
Nicole Wong ’08
Clara Daikh ’13
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