At Burke’s, we regard visual and performing arts as subjects in their own right as well as disciplines that augment and expand what our students learn in other disciplines. The arts—individually and in combination with each other—also provide an important avenue through which we build a sense of self and a sense of community.  In visual art, drama, and music, students gain confidence in concrete individual skills in creative expression, gain appreciation for the arts across history and cultures, and learn to work collaboratively with their peers.

The primary goal of the Upper School Music program is to broaden each student’s musical understanding and appreciation of the creative process both ­­individually and collectively. Students are encouraged to participate fully, challenge their individual abilities, and strive for excellence in practice and performance.

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  • Fifth Grade

    Throughout the year, fifth graders are scheduled for one period of Music by full class section each rotation and for one period by half section every other rotation, alternating with Drama. The program builds a variety of skills including choral singing, folk dancing, playing Orff ensemble instruments, applying basic principles of music theory, reading music, critical listening, improvisation, and composition. As students transition from Lower to Upper School Music, they continue to broaden their understanding of the fundamental concepts of the expressive arts — rhythm, melody, harmony, texture and form. A primary goal of the fifth-grade music curriculum is to build students’ confidence and proficiency applying these concepts to musical expression, both independently and in ensemble. 

    Areas of focus during the year include building a diverse vocal repertoire of rounds, descants, and two-part songs; the study of harmonic progressions in compositions based on I–V and I–IV–V chord progressions and the 12-bar Blues form; and mixed meter in contemporary Jazz and traditional Greek folk dance. Fifth-grade performances include the Open Music Studio in the Fall, the Upper School Winter Sing, and a collaborative arts and humanities approach to the study of Ancient Greece culminating with the presentation of our students’ original production of Greek Plays in the spring.
  • Sixth Grade

    Throughout the year, sixth graders are scheduled for one period of Music by full class section each rotation and for one period by half section every other rotation, alternating with Drama. The curricular emphasis is on the development and refinement of skills of creative expression through movement, voice, and composition.

    We begin the year with a music and drama collaborative exploration of Melodrama.  Students create original scenes and compose a film soundtrack utilizing the iPad GarageBand application.

    Starting with an overview of the origins and basic fundamentals of ballet, modern, and jazz, sixth graders study dance with a guest choreographer. We also build a repertoire of traditional and popular styles of choral music to be performed in the Upper School Winter Sing.

    The year continues with the study of American Musical Theater, exploring the interaction of music, dance, drama, staging and character development in preparation for our Spring Cabaret. Another key collaborative project within the Sixth-Grade Fine Arts program, this performance is directed by the music and drama teachers in collaboration with the art teacher for set design and a guest choreographer. Students work cooperatively in small groups to create original staged ensembles of selections from Broadway musicals.

    In preparation for the music courses offered in seventh grade, we end the school year with an introduction of music technology and composition skills utilizing the Mac version of GarageBand and the Sibelius notation program.
  • Seventh Grade

    Seventh-grade students complete one required course of music enrichment selected from the following:
    Glee: This vocal performance group focuses on the principles of balanced ensemble singing, vocal production, and stage presence. Students have the opportunity to be involved in the process of selecting and choreographing our performance repertoire. In addition to school assemblies, Glee performs in the Upper School Winter Sing.
    Advanced Vocal Ensemble: This vocal performance group focuses on building increased vocal independence and proficiency at singing in harmony. They prepare and perform a diverse a cappella and accompanied repertoire in the Spring Vocal Spotlight.
    Music Studio: The focus of this class is on the exploration of the relationship of music and film. Utilizing iMovie and GarageBand, students explore the process of developing a story with picture and sound by creating an original film trailer.
  • Eighth Grade

    Music electives are among those available to eighth-grade students. Choices include: 

    The Art of Singing: This is a supportive, interactive voice class for all levels of singing ability. Students practice vocal techniques for proper breath support, to increase their range, and to develop their sound. Repertoire is selected to develop students’ range of expression as soloists and to increase their confidence as performers.

    Varsity Vocal Ensemble: This vocal performance group focuses on increased vocal independence and proficiency at singing in harmony. Students prepare a diverse a cappella and accompanied repertoire to perform in the Spring Vocal Spotlight.
    Composers’ Studio: Students study musical composition, songwriting, and the application and development of music technology skills.

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  • Deborah Thomson 

    Upper School Music, Eighth-Grade Advisor
    415.751.0187, ext. 332
    Stetson University - B.M.Ed.
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