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  • Big Chalk/elibrary

    Big Chalk/elibrary offers more than 1500 full text sources from magazines, newspapers, books, television/radio transcripts, maps, pictures, and audio/video clips.
  • CultureGrams

    The aim of CultureGrams is to foster understanding and appreciation of the world’s countries and peoples by creating and publishing excellent content.

    • Provide comprehensive, easy-to-use educational resources to power learning and increase student-achievement
    • Enhance curriculum with age-appropriate, high-quality digital content from primary and secondary sources spanning thousands of titles and multiple media types.
    • Provide landmark articles and electronic resources that illuminate all aspects of the most vital issues of our time.
  • Encyclopedia Britannica Online School Edition

    Encyclopedia Britannica Online School Edition is a resource for searching encyclopedia, magazines, videos, and websites. It is possible to seach all the content at once to see results for students at every level or chose a library appropriate for an individual student.
  • Gale Interactive: Science

    Click here for 3-D interactive models along with reference and periodical sources for biology, chemistry, earth and space science. 
  • The New York Times In-School Digital Edition

    Unlimited access to most articles accessible on campus from any computer, tablet, or phone.
  • World Book Online Reference Center

    World Book Online Reference Center offers every article from the 22 volume print set plus thousands more.

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