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  • Library Summer Borrowing Hours

    The days are flying and the end of the school year is drawing near! Below is some important Library information for you about the final check-out days, summer borrowing, and summer-reading programs and lists.
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  • Continue Hour of Code with Resources from the Library

    Hour of Code is just around the corner, and the upcoming school breaks are the perfect time to continue the fun of coding at home. You’ll have to travel no further than the KDBS Library to borrow low-tech, kid-friendly coding resources such games and books.
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  • New (and Old) Resources in the Library

    Learn about exciting updates to the Library’s resources, as well as existing resources to enrich student learning.
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  • The Library as a Museum Too!

    The Burke’s Library does double duty as a museum. Of course, it accommodates all the usual functions of a library, including housing the large collection, offering a multitude of learning resources, providing class space, serving as a gathering space for students and faculty, and hosting meetings...and the list goes on and on. But did you know that the Burke’s Library also serves as a museum for the community?
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  • Try Snack Recess in the Library

    Morning Snack Recess and the Library go together, now more than ever. Recess is a short period of time during the school day when kids can play (that’s what Merriam-Webster says), and the Library offers a place to play!
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Library Blog

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  • First-Grade Library News Fall 2016

    First graders are off and running.
    They began the year by reading two versions of “Stone Soup” to launch a discussion of community, nutrition, and folklore. We discussed the stories’ similarities and differences; researched vegetables in various books; and created a recipe by nominating and voting on four vegetable ingredients. (The girls will soon get to sample their creation.)  The girls focused on voting again, this time in conjunction with the 2016 presidential election. They heard a picture book, If I Were President, and then they brainstormed advice for the future president. Each girl chose one piece of advice from the “brainstorm” list and supplied a rationale. The girls are making a podcast of their advice in the Makery.
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  • Fourth-Grade Library News Fall 2016

    Fourth graders are off to a great start. They began the year with a Big Sister/Little Sister unit. Each Fourth Grader chose a favorite book from Kindergarten to recommend to her Little Sister. In the Makery, the Fourth Graders made videos to introduce themselves and their recommended books. For the first independent reading unit of the year, 4th graders read animal fantasies. They took notes to focus on character in preparation for a classroom and Makery project—doing a video interview of a character using puppets. The second independent reading unit has focused on Newbery Medal books. Students will then do another Makery project—using the 3-D printer to make an object that represents the book. In addition, Fourth Graders have focused on how to create and defend a thesis statement. Some of the work has revolved around the election. The girls read about women’s suffrage and offered advice to President Wilson who was at first opposed. Drawing on their practice with writing thesis statements, the girls have gone on to write advice for the future president, and that work is happening in Social Studies.
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  • Kindergarten Library News Fall 2016

    Kindergartners are off to a terrific start. We began answering the question: What is a library?  To find out, we went on a tour, read a book, and brainstormed. We have since focused on the five senses (tie-in with Science), names/identity, color, and number books. We have also talked about fiction and nonfiction; folktales; the parts of a book, including the cover and endpapers; authors and illustrators; and literary considerations, especially title and character. The girls have also had a chance to practice b research skills—brainstorming and collecting data, for example. Oh, and yes, there is browsing and borrowing.
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