How We Learn

Today’s students stand to inherit and shape a world transformed by exponential change. If a 21st-century world felt finite and knowable, the 21st century is a universe of infinitely expanding information, connection, challenges and unknowns. Twenty-first-century education must address a rapidly changing world filled with fantastic new problems as well as exciting new challenges. We want Burke’s to model the type of nimble curriculum and flexible pedagogy that will best equip our girls with skills that will enable them to thrive in an uncertain future. From small moments of reading pleasure to grand productions such as the eighth grade play, Burke’s students exhibit creative expression, problem solving, project-based learning, collaborative teamwork, independent critical thinking and the honing of both oral and written communication skills.

We prepare each student to be a 21st-century Burke's girl, who is a learner that: 
Embraces opportunity and challenge.

Solves problems, takes risks and learns from both setbacks and success.

Takes responsibility for her own learning.

Is confident, resourceful, resilient and reflective.

Engages in both unstructured and purposeful activity.

Is curious and focused, creative and methodical, open-minded and discerning.

Contributes to and learns from the community around her.
We could tell you more, but it's easier to show you. Watch the videos to the right to see how our students learn in this new paradigm.
Burke's mission is to educate, encourage and empower girls. Our school combines academic excellence with an appreciation for childhood so that students thrive as learners, develop a strong sense of self, contribute to community, and fulfill their potential, now and throughout life.

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