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  • Week of Code: Year Six

    Last week marked Burke’s fifth year observing an entire Week of Code. Under the leadership of the Library and Makery Team, Burke’s decided to take Hour of Code, the brainchild of Hadi Partovi, to the next level and has been going strong since 2014. Hour of Code is an international initiative sponsored by Code.org, a nonprofit organization devoted to opening up computer science to a broader range of users, including women and underrepresented people, through expanding its presence in schools around the world. It’s estimated that nearly 700-million students around the world participated in this year’s Hour of Code.

  • Affinity Groups Create "Culture is Not Costume" Posters

    For several years, Burke's has asked families to avoid harmful cultural stereotypes in Halloween costumes. In 2018, some students took those efforts a step further.
  • Math Guides Seventh Grade in Designing Refugee Camp

    On Monday, October 22, Burke's seventh graders took a "reverse" field trip that kept them on campus but prompted them to think critically about refugees all across the globe.

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