Second Grade brings “Mother Bruce” to the stage!

A grumpy bear, some troublemaking goslings, busy bees and beautiful trees took to the stage to present the second grade play. 

This year the second graders presented “Mother Bruce” by Ryan T. Higgins adapted for the stage by Nancy Gold, the Burke’s Lower School Theatre teacher. Has anyone ever mistaken you for someone else? Well, that is exactly what happened to Bruce. You see Bruce was a Grumpy Bear who loved to cook.  One day he was cooking up a delicious meal, when he accidentally ended up with a brood of geese who thought he was their Mother! This is a tale of surprises, friendship and love.
In the process of transforming a piece of literature into a theatrical piece, the students explored  acting, singing, dancing, staging, emotional expression, set design, blocking — as well as improv! In addition, the students built on their clowning work from last year and studied further the art of comedy.
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