Burke's First Knockout Tournament

Eighth-grader Caroline B. decided to dial up the school spirit with some friendly competitions between Upper School students — and of course, did not want the teachers to be left out of the fun!

Over 60 students and teachers signed up to participate with the qualifying rounds taking place across all 10 recesses during the week of January 27th. The top 3 from each round advanced to the semi-finals giving us 30 competitors entering week two. All grade levels were represented with 3 fifth graders, 3 sixth graders, 5 seventh graders, 14 8th graders and 5 teachers shooting their way to glory as the cheers of their classmates and friends echoed through the school - some teachers even brought their classes out to cheer them on. 

Caroline noted, “It was so fun to see girls from all grades and faculty from both Lower and Upper School come together and partake in something that I organized (with the help of Ms. Bryant of course)! It was awesome to have everyone including the third graders out on the backcourt supporting their friends, classmates, and teachers!”  

The semi-finals on Monday and Tuesday narrowed the field to the last 12 standing. Congratulations to Annabel, Annie, Cate, Courtney, Faith, Finley, Gracie, Julia, Mr. Gates, Mr. Hay, Mr. Malek, and Nayalin! The finals took place on Feb.5th - National Girls and Women in Sports Day - to lots of cheering and laughter! Burke’s inaugural knockout champion was Julia, ahead of Nayalin and Mr. Malek. Check out a few photos and a big cheer to our eighth grade Tournament Director Caroline B.!

What is Knockout? It’s a fast-paced basketball game played with multiple players where everyone forms a single file line behind the free-throw line. The first two players in line shoot a free throw and if they miss, they can continue shooting the ball until they make it. Once a player has made a basket, they give the ball to the next person and head to the back of the line. You are knocked out if the person who was shooting baskets behind you in line makes the basket before you.
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