Waste-Free Campus Events

Throughout the year, parent volunteers help organize lunches, parties, and events in the classrooms and for campus guests.   Each of these events give us an opportunity to think about how to reduce the waste being generated and host parties and events that create little or no waste.  
Planning Ahead Room parents or lead volunteers for events are responsible for submitting event planning forms two weeks in advance of the event. This process allows volunteers to communicate to both the kitchen and facilities their event needs and ensures that resources can be made available to make each event a success. Please complete an event form and email it directly to Cathy Tritschler-Hall. Please include Sahara O’Hanlon, our primary Acre contact, for all events that require kitchen resources.

Plates, Bowls, Cups and Utensils The Acre kitchen can provide reusable plates, bowls, cups, and utensils for function needs. On the day of the event, kitchen staff will have these items placed in bus tubs and ready to be picked up by parent volunteers. After the event, parent volunteers should return these items to the kitchen to be washed. Please separate bowls and glasses from plates and stack all plates. Please note that if your event is taking place in the evening after normal kitchen hours you will have to make special arrangements with ACRE staff. There may be a staffing cost if a kitchen supervisor is required stay later than usual.

Napkins Compostable paper napkins are available for events. Please be sure that used napkins are composted not-land filled.

Table Linens and Decorations The school maintains a supply of reusable table linens that can be used for events. Requests for table linens should be included on the event planning form. If table decorations are being purchased, please choose reusable or compostable items.

Responsible Clean-Up and Waste Disposal Please ensure that there is compost, recycling and garbage containers available as needed for clean-up. Please help participants and volunteers properly sort their waste. Dirty table linens should be returned to facilities staff for laundering and reuse.

Every event and class party is unique. Some involve student art projects that children bring home. Some bring the class together for a joint cooking project.  As a school community, we count on all our volunteers to take a moment to consider the waste that will be generated and think creatively about how to reduce our waste and our impact on the environment. 
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