Parents' Association


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  • President

    General Executive Officer. Presides at monthly board meetings. Works closely with the school administrators, room parents, and committee chairs
  • Vice-President

    Acts on the President's behalf in the President's absence. Assumes the role of President in the following year. Works closely with Room Parents, including coordinating correspondence between the administration and room parents, and coordinates eScrip efforts.
  • Secretary

    Sends out notices of monthly Parents' Association Board meetings. Takes attendance and writes and distributes the minutes for these meetings.
  • Treasurer

    Prepares the financial statements of the Parents' Association Board. Keeps track of all revenues and expenditures, and presents a monthly report at board meetings.

Committee Chairs

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  • Burke's Community Connections

    Burke's Community Connections is a parent-led and school-supported committee whose ultimate goal is to provide opportunities that will inspire Burke's students and families to adopt a tradition of service in their lives at Burke's and beyond. BGB is dedicated to offering a range of service opportunities that are developmentally and age appropriate for students in grades K through 8 as well as opportunities that engage members of the broader Burke's community (parents, alumnae, faculty and staff). Specific activities include things such as organizing class Food Pantry days, communicating with classes about opportunities, coordinating craft projects, education and outreach at beginning of the school year, working with RDNC staff for home deliveries, weekend workdates, etc.
  • Burke's DASH

    This committee works to organize and plan a “fun run” fundraiser and Burke’s community event each May. The team secures permits for the route from SF Park & Rec, plans the route, refreshments, swag (T-shirts), prizes, music, etc.  
  • Burke's Items

    This committee selects, manages inventory, and sells Burke’s-branded merchandise for one calendar school year. Members volunteer at events, and the committee reports financial results to the PA.
  • Burke's Rewards

    This committee strives to engage the Burkes community to participate in Rewards Programs, such as eScrip, Sports Basementeer, TargetRed, and Amazon Smile. It provides financial reporting to the PA of earned rewards. The Chair is always on the lookout for new programs with relevant reward opportunities.
  • Burkes Benefit

    Parent co-chairs are selected to oversee the production of this spring fundraiser.
  • Faculty and Staff Appreciation

    This committee organizes three events to celebrate our faculty and staff. Tasks include planning celebrations, décor, creating keepsake or recognition items, coordinating catering, and scheduling volunteers for three events: lunch during Fall and Spring Lower and Upper School Conferences, and a holiday breakfast in December.
  • Family Festival

    Two co-chairs are selected to oversee the production of this fall community event.
  • Grandparents' & Special Friends' Day

    This committee works to plan and staff the event in May each year. The group works with Burke’s administration to manage invitations and RSVPs, schedule volunteers, arrange decorations, create a timeline for the event including classroom visits, assembly, and lunch.  
  • Hearts & Hands

    Throughout the year, some families may need a helping hand or just some hands to hold during rough times. Should difficult times arise in our community, the Hearts and Hands Committee will volunteer support (be it physical, emotional, or otherwise) to the family. The Chair of the Committee may be called upon to help arrange carpools, meal deliveries, visits, playdates, floral arrangements, family gatherings, etc. This committee can be chaired by one or two people with support from multiple members.
    Coordinate Meal Program:
    1. Communicate with the school to find out the needs or wants of family in question.
    2. If they want food support, find out and list any of the family’s food allergies or aversions.
    3. Set up meal delivery sign-up via Volunteer Spot so anyone can sign up.
    4. Discreetly send out meal sign-up sheet to the class.
    5. Check in on the family after the first week to see how it’s going and if they have any feedback or concerns.
    Coordinate carpools:
    6.  Communicate with the school to find out the needs or wants of family in question.
  • Inclusivity and Community-Building

    Organize and facilitate events related to diversity and inclusivity issues; supports the school's commitment to diversity and inclusivity.
  • Lunchroom Coordinator

    Lunchroom coordinators communicate with the pool of interested parent volunteers to create a schedule to adequately staff the Burke’s lunchroom each school day, in order to assist the girls with serving lunch items. The coordinators are responsible for the master schedule early in the school year and may be called on occasionally thereafter to request additional parents to work in the lunchroom if more volunteers are required.  
  • New Family Liaison

    This committee works with Burke’s Admissions to provide support primarily through recruiting volunteers and arranging appropriate “buddy family” relationships between existing Burke’s families and incoming new families. Buddy families help newly admitted Burke’s girls (and parents) to navigate unfamiliar academic, social, or community processes involved in life at our school.There is a Lower School and Upper School representative.
  • Nominating

    This committee prepares the slate of officers and committee chairs for the Parents' Association Board for the following year. The committee seeks to fill vacant positions within the PA committees with parents who are interested, available, and who have needed skill sets for each role.
  • Parent Education

    This committee identifies relevant topics, then plans and implements adult discussion & speaking events. The group also works with the SPEAK network in coordinating high profile events with other member schools. Tasks include engaging speakers, creating marketing materials, communication, coordinating logistics, RSVP management, facility reservation and room set up. Additionally, the committee works with the Parents' Association and school administration to provide resources for families to understand and know how to support differences in learning styles.
  • Room Parents

    Provides a communication link between faculty, families, and the Parents' Association Board. Assists classroom teachers when requested, such as organizing carpools for field trips. Reports class activities at monthly Parents' Association meetings.

    Responsibilities of room parents, as set forth by the Parents' Association, are:

    1.    Assist classroom teachers in areas where parental assistance can be helpful (e.g. field trips, waste-free classroom parties, school-sponsored activities);

    2.    Represent that class on the Parents' Association Board by attending monthly meetings and giving a short report of the class activities, as well as discussing any concerns that parents of that class may have;

    3.    Organize a class social gathering for parents/guardians, out of school, to promote a spirit of friendliness and togetherness;

    4.    Serve as a link between the class parents and committee chairs.  Class parents may also be asked to support the administration to facilitate communication occasionally.

    5.    Assist school in securing volunteers to staff the Morning Drop-off program in the month assigned to their class.

    6.    Coordinate class gift for Dinner Auction.

    To avoid schedule conflicts, transportation problems, or the like, any communications or invitations which involve the school, staff, students, site, or programs (e.g., class picnics, coffees or social events) must be cleared with the Parents' Association President (who will check with the school administration) well ahead of time as to content, form of release, and time of release.
  • Sustainability Committee

    Works with the school to support sustainability at Burke's.  Encourage and promote outreach of these simple and easy practices both at school and at home: transportation initiatives and waste-free class parties.
  • Used Uniforms

    This committee is responsible for helping transition previously used uniforms from families no longer needing them to new owners at sales throughout the summer and school year. Also, the monthly maintenance and organization of the uniform closet is expected.
  • Volunteer Coordinators

    This is a behind-the-scenes organizational role. It requires correspondence with other PA chairs, faculty, and the development office as well as preparation of many excel spreadsheets and schedules. The Volunteer Coordinator creates a Google Doc (or similar) to recruit parent volunteers, and then delivers sorted lists of volunteers to each committee chair.  
Burke's mission is to educate, encourage and empower girls. Our school combines academic excellence with an appreciation for childhood so that students thrive as learners, develop a strong sense of self, contribute to community, and fulfill their potential, now and throughout life.

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