Being a grandparent is one of life's most rewarding pleasures and, therefore, it is with much enthusiasm — as fellow Burke's grandparents — that we tell you about a new and exciting initiative happening here at Burke's. Since we as grandparents are already such a vital part of our Burke's community, we have decided to establish a Grandparents' Council.

The purpose of the council will be to give current grandparents and special friends the opportunity to meet a couple of times a year with your granddaughter's teachers and Head of School Michele Williams, as well as have an opportunity to learn firsthand about the experiences that our grandchildren are enjoying as a member of the Burke's family. This will allow us to witness first-hand Burke's mission in action, as the school continues to educate, encourage, and empower our girls. We may also have the opportunity to become involved in other activities ranging from assisting with events to helping arrange special outings/speakers, etc. Lots of ideas to consider!

With that in mind, we would like to offer you a fun way to be involved in your granddaughter's academic experience by inviting you to become a member of the Grandparents' Council. If you would like to learn more about volunteering on the Grandparents' Council or have any questions, please contact Erica Obando, Communications and Advancement Associate, at 415-751-0177, extension 301, or

We look forward to seeing you this year!

Mary Robinson and Barbara Sklar
Co-Chairs, Burke's Grandparents' Council

Christina Norman
Vice-Chair, Burke's Grandparents' Council

Recent News Articles for Grandparents

List of 3 news stories.

  • Mary (left), with Michele Williams (center), and Christina Norman (GPC vice-chair)

    A Special Farewell from Mary Robinson, Grandparents' Council Founding Co-Chair

    Three years ago a few of us were having lunch and thinking aloud of ways that we could become more involved with our grandchildren, specifically our granddaughters who were attending Burke’s. “Why not form a group of grandparents, open to all, that would be more engaged in on-campus activities?” And so, the first Grandparents' Council was created. Barbara Sklar gamely agreed to be my co-chair and Christina Norman Vice-Chair. (Somehow having titles seemed important at the time.)
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  • Faculty Profile: Quise Edwards

    Quise Edwards joined Burke’s in 2017 as the Director of Inclusivity and Community Building. She hit the ground running and her contributions to the culture and community at Burke’s were felt immediately. As a product of K-12 independent schools, Quise has a unique perspective on the amazing opportunities these institutions create for their students, while also being able to speak to the challenges some families can face in the independent school community.
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  • Grandparent Profile: Tom Perkins

    Watching our grandchildren grow up has been a great joy for my wife, JaMel, and me. We are especially lucky to be living across the street from Julia (’22) and Will (Town ’20). We have been greatly impressed with the education that Julia and Will have been getting and how much they love their schools.
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Grandparent Suggestion Box

Grandparents' Council Members

Mary Robinson, Co-Chair
Barbara Sklar, Co-Chair
Christina Norman, Vice-Chair

Victoria Barkan
Susan Boeing
Rosemary Booth
Sylvia Bunshoft
Philipa Caldwell
Barbara Callander
Lyman Casey
Bob Caulfield
Anne Coglianese
Joe Coglianese
Suzy Diamond
Dagmar Dolby
Sandy Feldman
Ivana Ferreira
Doris Fisher '49
Vicki Fleishhacker '60
Trish Flint
Helen Galvin
Susan Gantner
Ellen Griffin
Cherrie Harden
Gary Harden
Jane Hartely
Stephen Jasik
Stefania Jha
Rick Jones
Julie Jospe
Neelie Kroes
Martha Kropf
Doris Linnenbach
Sharon Litsky
Susan Lynn
Mary Ann Margaretten
Bobbie McClanahan
Kathleen McKewan
Heidi Perez
Tom Perkins
Mary Robertson
Helen Schwab
Clarke Swanson
Elizabeth Swanson
Bonnie Trexler
Terry Trexler
Mary Ann Walker
Katie Webb
Gail Whelan
Dede Wilsey
Kay Woods
Peg Wyant
Jack Wyant
Cynthia Zinober
Pete Zinober
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