Join us for Alumnae Reunion Weekend 2019!

Featuring the Reunion Luncheon honoring class years ending in '4 and '9. This year, all activities are open to all classes, including a reveal of the brand-new, state-of-the-art Campus Center at Burke's! Look below for more information about our two days of events on Friday, May 31, and Saturday, June 1!

How to RSVP

1. Click here to RSVP online.

2. Email Diana Kaw at

3. Call Diana Kaw at 415.751.0187, ext. 231.

RSVP by Friday, May 24.
Overnight guest rooms are reserved at the Metropolitan Club for the weekend of the Luncheon. Please call Alex at the Club for details at 415.673.0600. 

Faculty & Staff Attendees

Michele Williams, Head of School
Joelle Auberson
Elizabeth Coleman
Diana Murphy Dwyer
David Fleishhacker
Jenny Howland
Kathryn Johnston
Julie Jospe
Graciela Pera
Mary Swope
Deborah Thomson
Toni Wagner
Helen Wiley
partial list

Luncheon Committee

Barbara Kendrick Callander ’44
Katharine Shaw Thompson ’44
Doris Feigenbaum Fisher ’49
Marilyn Hand Logan ’49
Jeanette Maddux Dunckel ’54
Mimi Otto ’54
Elizabeth Otto Dohrmann ’56
Susan Otto Comartin ’59
Louise Escher Harris ’59
Kathleen Mailliard Rende ’59
Lynn Burrows Bunim ’64
Cissy Moore Harris ’64
Jill Jordan ’64
Nancy Evers Kirwan ’69
Sandy Mailliard ’69
Sara Callander Stephens ’69
Ellen Heffelfinger ’74
Jeanine Marie-Victoire Landsinger ’74
Marianne Emblad ’79
Gingy Harris Gable ’79
Kate Stephenson Gaitley ’79
Amy Hall McNamara ’82
Benicia Gantner ’84
Emily Hobin Janowsky ’84
Aimee Fowler Carlson ’85
Elizabeth Kropf Sparks ’86
Lisa Congdon ’89
Bella Shen Garnett ’89
Gabrielle Kivitz ’89
Daisy Barringer ’91
Cary Cronholm Rose ’92
Max Boyer Glynn ’94
Camille Hampton '94
Maggie Stack Sprenger '94
Darby Gaynor Glickman '98
Lauren Levinger '99
Shelley Petrie '99
Megan Seely Smith '99
Megan Bagaman '04
Aaryn McCutchan ’04
Alessandra Waste ’04
Madeline Brown '09
Talia Storey Cuddeback '09
Jewel Devora '09
Sky Nahi '09
Penny Devlin '14
Isabella Lenzo '14
Alexis Levit '14
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