The Library is at the heart of the Upper School, both physically and experientially. Students visit the library for research, enjoyment, and to select books for recreational reading.

Our Program

Fifth- and sixth-grade students participate in a special literature and research unit taught by the Upper School Librarian. The unit is called HEART — “Health, Emotional Awareness, Responsibility, and Time Management.” It is a collaborative and integrated curriculum co-taught by several Upper School learning specialists. In the Library’s HEART unit, students read and analyze a work of fiction in order to draw parallels between literary and real-life experience, build empathy, and act with intention and responsibility.

Using a variety of print and electronic sources, students develop their research and informational reading skills. Seventh- and eighth-grade students visit as needed for class projects and to continue developing competency in the use of print and electronic informational sources. Additional classes are planned collaboratively between the Upper School Librarian and subject teachers.

Our Space

The Library welcomes Upper School students for independent research, study, and recreational reading. In addition to scheduled class time, the Library is open to students each recess and lunch for structured activities and individual exploration. Students will find bean bags chairs, board games, and special recess activities including crafts and STEM projects.

The Upper School Library offers five stationary desktop computers and 35 laptop computers for student use. We also house 35 document writers for students to develop keyboarding skills. These can be used either on-site or in the classroom.

Our Staff & Schedule

Fifth and sixth graders visit the Library once a week during their library-based HEART unit, and all Upper School students visit on a varied schedule according to individual, class, and assignment needs. Teachers may also schedule visits to the Library for projects and research.

Teacher-Librarian: Michelle Loomis — contact at 415.751.0177, ext. 337 or

Work schedule: Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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  • Photo of Michelle Loomis

    Michelle Loomis 

    Upper School Library and Digital Media Specialist
    415.751.0187, ext. 337
  • Photo of Maria Shuman

    Maria Shuman 

    Library and Innovation Support Assistant
    415.751.0187, ext. 264
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