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An Update from Nel | November 8, 2018

Dear Burke's Community,

As we are now fully settled into the school year, I would like to reflect on the significant accomplishments of the School as well as share an announcement about an addition to our Board of Trustees.

In 2014, Burke’s created and launched a strategic plan for the school that was intended to serve as a road map for the next four years. Since its release, there has been a concerted focus on the implementation of this plan, and it is rewarding to recognize that most of the goals of that plan have been successfully achieved. We have made so much progress on the strategic plan that many of the directives it contains are just part of regular day-to-day life! For example, Burke’s now has an established Makery and an integrated technology curriculum, three bus routes bringing girls to school every day, a further developed differentiated math instruction program in the lower school and an incredibly thoughtful and innovative professional development program that helps Burke’s teachers ensure that all their students are learning and growing every day.

Most recently, on the pre-Festival Professional Development Day, teachers spent time focusing on how to create the most impactful service learning experiences and embed them into their curricula by hearing directly from Burke’s different non-profit partners. In addition, their work dug deeper to identify and consider implicit bias and the role it can play in the classroom. Four years ago, such work was more the exception than the rule, and as a Board of Trustees, we are so thankful for the progress that has been made and your role in making it possible.

With an eye to making sure that the Board of Trustees is well positioned to meet the strategic needs of the School going forward, the Board has focused on ensuring that its members reflect our community and contribute skills and expertise that will further our mission. To that end, I am pleased to announce the election of a new trustee. Vicky Pradhan is a current fourth grade parent who adds significant marketing and communications experience to our Board and will be joining effective immediately. Click here to read more about her, and please join me in congratulating Vicky! Vicky joins the Board filling a spot vacated by Anna Banks '83 who resigned from her position at the beginning of the school year due to the increased demands of a new job. While we are very sorry to lose Anna, we are incredibly appreciative and thank her for all she has contributed to the School and wish her all the best!

As we wrap up the final year of our Strategic Plan, Burke’s looks to realize its remaining key directives — specifically, the completion of our exciting building project, the fulfillment of our capital campaign and a plan to ensure that Burke's will continue to attract and retain the best teachers. These major initiatives have involved the hard work and support of so many of our parents. Thank you for all you do to help Burke’s in its mission to educate, encourage and empower girls. Now, more than ever, this need is clear and we are so happy to have partners in our effort!
Nel Ellwein
President, Burke’s Board of Trustees
Burke's mission is to educate, encourage and empower girls. Our school combines academic excellence with an appreciation for childhood so that students thrive as learners, develop a strong sense of self, contribute to community, and fulfill their potential, now and throughout life.

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